We at Mirson Equestrian strive to create quality in horsemanship at every stage, even at, and most importantly at, the lower levels. We believe that good training is about aspiring to perfection; perfect communication, perfect balance, perfect coordination, perfect feel, perfect timing, perfect harmony. Relentlessly striving to improve skill and understanding and raising the bar, yet never being satisfied that we, as riders, have truly achieved perfection on our part. We can always be more subtle in our aiding. We can always have more feel. We strive for perfection because when we strive to ride better, it’s beneficial to the horse. We uphold these values and methods throughout every stage of training. We ride our best for the good of our horses.


We travel all over in order to compete, thus putting our training and hard work to the test. We offer many different options for our clients to choose from. We understand that every clients’ goals and ambitions are different and unique, whether they be for themselves or their horses. We at Mirson Equestrian are well prepared and ready to assist our clients in achieving their goals.


We offer lessons for all levels of riders. We teach group lessons in hunters and jumpers. Dressage lessons are only offered as privates. We at Mirson Equestrian specialize in helping the rider form a better partnership and connection with his or her horse. We believe in improving our riding in order to help our horses understand us. It is all about communication.


We specialize in advertising and selling horses to people all over the nation. We sell all ages and levels of hunters, jumpers, and dressage horses. We take horses both on consignment and on the cuff if approved. Please contact us for further information and/or to find out if your horse(s) may be eligible to be taken on the cuff.


Conveniently located in the heart of Wellington, FL, Hidden Road Stables offers one of the most pristine environments, offering modern facilities and luxurious landscapes. Our boarding services are unsurpassed.